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3 Kitchen renovation ideas you need

Are you considering renovating and updating your kitchen? If yes, you're probably getting inspired by researching in many of those internet masonry wall type websites. We understand It can be overwhelming quickly as there are so many examples. And to mention these luxurious kitchens are most likely very costly. In this article we're taking a different approach to showcase features you might not of heard of but will definitely realize it's something you might need.

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Bathroom renovations

7 Best Accessible Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you planning a bathroom renovation and want to add accessible features? There's an increase in demand for aging in place as our population gets older and healthier. Nonetheless, some are thinking about accessibility when they are renovating a bathroom. Or maybe you are thinking of adding features for anyone who needs extra assistance to add value to your home. We've compiled 7 best things to consider when thinking of a bathroom renovation with accessibility.

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Commercial Accessible Renovations Winnipeg

Is it time for an accessibility upgrade? As a commercial business in Winnipeg you are required to abide by the most current version of the City of Winnipeg Accessibility Design Standards. Buildings that have been built or in operation over the last five years or so will have already made the necessary updates. If you don't think any accessible updates have been made, update your business to take advantage of every opportunity.

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Bathroom Renovations for Seniors and the Elderly

The bathroom should not be an intimidating place… Are you in your golden years and experiencing a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting in and out of the bathtub or shower each day? Are you the family member of an elder and are concerned about them slipping and falling in the restroom? Do you sell homes in Winnipeg communities that welcome seniors and would like to add more functional value to the listed developments? Whatever the case may be it sounds like you’re in need of a bathroom renovation. While there are many home contractors in the greater Winnipeg area only one is most qualified to provide the care needed for such an important undertaking.

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Baby Boomer Renovation Construction Trends 2021-22

The Baby Boomer generation has hit its well-earned retirement years. Beyond future plans to travel and enjoy leisure, Boomers are also looking at their homes in a different way. If you’re among them you may be realizing that you have too much wasted space. Alternatively you may not have enough space for what you have planned. Or perhaps the layout of some or all of your rooms is inadequate. Whatever the case may be you are ready to renovate. But before you do you’d like some insight into what’s trending in renovation construction. Here are some great ideas to consider.